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To travel between the farms and town, ride the tractor cart. Tractor carts pick-up at the designated pick-up locations every 25-30 minutes. In town, find the tractor cart pick-up near the baseball field, outside of the Visitor Center. On the west side, find the tractor cart pick-up outside of the Wallace Exhibit Center.

The last cart to visit all three farm sites will leave town at 2pm. The last cart returns to town from the Wallace Exhibit Center at 3:45pm.



Living History Farms offers several "at your own pace" experiences to fit your unique schedule.

General Visit

This complete Town and Farm experience includes the 1876 Town of Walnut Hill, the Henry A. Wallace Exhibit Center, and all three farm sites, and can take anywhere between 3-4 hours to complete.

1900 Farm Visit

The 1900 Farm Visit is 2 to 3 hours and eliminates the walk from the 1700 Indian Farm to the 1850 Pioneer Farm. The tractor cart driver will drop you off at the 1900 Farm and pick you up at the Wallace Exhibit Center.

Step Saver Visit

The Step Saver Visit eliminates the walk between the 1850 Pioneer Farm and 1900 Farm, but still gives you the opportunity to see all three working farm sites. The tractor cart driver will drop you off at 1700 Ioway Farm, and from there, you can follow the short trail to the 1850 Pioneer Farm. When you're ready to move on, return to the 1700 Ioway Farm where you will board a tractor cart to the 1900 Farm.

Town Only Visit

The Town Only Visit takes 2 hours or less and includes the entire 1876 Town of Walnut Hill.



Urbandale's severe weather sirens are activated when the National Weather Service issues a tornado warning or when high winds and severe thunderstoms are occuring. If you hear the sirens, take cover in the nearest designated shelter.

1876 Town Shelter Locations

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